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Mindful Runners 

Learn to run faster, run farther and truly be happy 

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Running Retreats

Several retreats per year with trail running, yoga, meditation and coaching

Personalized Coaching

Specific training programs tailored for the each individual

Free videos, articles and tips on setting goals, achieving them and being happy in the process

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Many of us “overtrain” in running and in life. Why so much work? Why so much running? Why so much anxiety and unhappiness? Mindful Runners, led by 2:23:25 and 2:24:30 marathoners Marty Kibiloski and Michael Sandrock, will help explain why, leaving you surprised and, perhaps, awakened. Following a retreat or coaching sessions, you will have a personal daily training schedule geared towards your next goal race, from 5K through marathon, as well as an easy-to-stick-to meditation schedule that will not only let you run faster, but help you live a richer, happier life.

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Our work

Marty Kibiloski

Marty Kibiloski is a successful business leader, Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon World Championships veteran and accomplished runner, finishing 56th in the Boston Marathon. It was not through his personal accomplishments, but through meditation, non-competitive running attitude and yoga, where he discovered a deeper sense of richness that brings fullness to all aspects of his life.

Mike Sandrock

Michael Sandrock is an award-winning journalist and author of Running with the Legends and Running Tough. He began running as a teenager in the forest preserves outside Chicago and went on to compete for the University of Colorado. After a stint making DNA as an organic chemist, he received his MBA and worked in a bank. It was a marathon in Yaounde, Cameroon, that spurred Sandrock to “follow his bliss,” a path that includes studying comparative mythology, running, yoga, and meditation



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